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The 2020 Awardees


  • Michael Erb, PhD, The Scripps Research Institute
    Cell-based ligand discovery to identify and address novel cancer targets

  • Yamuna Krishnan, PhD, University of Chicago
    Lysosomal Ca2+ regulation in neurodegeneration

  • Jonathan Long, PhD, Stanford University
    Interrogating bioactive N-acyl amino acid lipids in metabolic and neurological diseases

  • Jason Sello, PhD, University of California –San Francisco
    Leveraging Behavioral Profiling and Whole-Brain Imaging in Zebrafish for the Discovery and Characterization of Neuroactive Small Molecules

  • Eranthie Weerapana, PhD and Jianmin Gao, PhD, Boston College
    Interrogating the cell-surface proteome with covalent phage libraries