Hiroshi Ochiai

Hiroshi Ochiai, PH.D.


Hiroshi Ochiai is working as the Director of ONO Pharma Foundation Promotion Office at ONO Pharma USA. In 1993, Hiroshi graduated from Keio University, and earned a Master of Science in organic chemistry with a focus on total synthesis of natural products in 1995. Since he joined ONO Pharmaceutical in 1995 as a medicinal chemist, he led and was involved in several drug discovery projects.  After he obtained a Ph.D. in applied chemistry from Keio University in 2005, he moved from ONO's laboratory bench to the alliance department in ONO.  His current main tasks are to organize and prepare the various necessities for the non-profit organization, ONO Pharma Foundation.  He is interested in cutting-edge technologies for drug discovery and finds chemical biology to be a fascinating interdisciplinary research field.