Awardees 2017-2023

PI Institiute Research Title Year
Keriann Backus University of California - Los Angeles Chemoproteogenomic approaches to guide immunomodulatory therapeutics 2023
Amanda Garner University of Michigan Chemical Manipulation of RNA-Protein Interactions for RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery 2023
Mia Huang The Scripps Research Institute Targeting glycoform-specific cancer epitopes 2023
Bianxiao Cui Stanford University Discovery and therapeutic potential of a newly-discovered integrin adhesion 2022
Jarad Mason Harvard University Microporous liquids as injectable sources of oxygen 2022
Xiaoyu Zhang Northwestern University Discovering and developing antigen modifiers as new and effective cancer immunotherapeutics 2022
Alan Saghatelian Salk Institute for Biological Studies Light Emitting Genomics (LEGO) Probes to Visualize, Capture, and Profile Rare, Transient Complexes Vital to Cellular Function 2021
Elizabeth Sattely Stanford University Covalent and non-covalent mechanisms of immune modulation by dietary small molecules 2021
Xiao Wang The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT Harnessing chemical modifications for mRNA therapeutics 2021
Michael Erb The Scripps Research Institute Cell-based ligand discovery to identify and address novel cancer targets 2020
Yamuna Krishnan University of Chicago Lysosomal Ca2+ regulation in neurodegeneration 2020
Jonathan Long Stanford University Interrogating bioactive N-acyl amino acid lipids in metabolic and neurological diseases 2020
Jason Sello University of California, San Francisco Leveraging Behavioral Profiling and Whole-Brain Imaging in Zebrafish for the Discovery and Characterization of Neuroactive Small Molecules 2020
Eranthie Weerapana Jianmin Gao Boston College Interrogating the cell-surface proteome with covalent phage libraries 2020
Aimee Edinger University of California, Irvine Overcoming the antisense oligonucleotide delivery barrier by targeting intracellular trafficking 2019
Polly Fordyce Stanford University Leveraging high-throughput microfluidic enzyme kinetics to identify sites for allosteric manipulation 2019
Brian Liau Harvard University Interrogating the Molecular Drivers of Chemically-Induced Protein Dimerization 2019
Eric Minikel               Sonia Vallabh The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT Cell type distribution of oligonucleotide therapies in the brain 2019
Robert Spitale University of California, Irvine Expanding our understanding of PET imaging with novel probes 2019
Michel Arkin University of California San Francisco Stabilizing 14-3-3 Protein-protein interactions with small molecules 2018
William Mobley University of California San Diego Selective Neuronal Delivery of ASOs Targeting APP 2018
Matthew Simon Yale University Transcriptome-wide discovery of small molecule binding sites in RNA 2018
Jack Taunton University of California San Francisco Chemoproteomic technology for the direct identification of druggable protein nucleophiles 2018
Christina Woo Harvard University Discovery of novel small molecule-protein interactions 2018
Angela Koehler Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemical probes for transcription 2017
Lingyin Li Stanford University Chemical biology of anti-cancer innate immunity 2017
David Liu The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT Expanding the scope of base editing 2017
Bridget Wagner The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT Development of predictive signatures of drug toxicity and side effects using cell-based profiling 2017
Jonathan Watts University of Massachusetts - Worcester Development of next-generation antisense oligonucleotides for potent gene silencing in the lung 2017