Tetsuya Sugiyama

Tetsuya Sugiyama, PH.D.

Chair, Director

Mr. Sugiyama is a visionary founder and director of the Ono Pharma Foundation, driving breakthrough science in chemical biology and oligonucleotide medicines. With extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he has established the Foundation as a leading supporter of scientists with innovative ideas.

As the director of Foundation Relations at Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Mr. Sugiyama leads a dynamic team dedicated to addressing critical challenges in drug discovery. Through collaborations with academic institutions and bio-venture companies across North America, they strive to find transformative solutions shaping the future of medicine.


With a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Osaka University, Mr. Sugiyama brings solid expertise to the field. Since 1996, he has actively engaged in exploratory research, project evaluation, and strategic alliances between Ono Groups and pioneering institutions. Specializing in early stage drug discovery, he has made notable contributions to projects targeting cancers, AIDS, autoimmune diseases, and pulmonary conditions.


Recognizing the significance of nurturing the next generation of scientific minds, Mr. Sugiyama also serves as an educator. Since 2019, he has taught a class on drug discovery as part of the TLS-I graduate student program at the University of Tsukuba, sharing his knowledge and passion with aspiring scientists.


Through his visionary leadership, Mr. Sugiyama propels the Ono Pharma Foundation to empower scientists and support groundbreaking discoveries, revolutionizing the field of medicine.