A Day of Discovery and Connection: Recap of the 2024 Ono Pharma Foundation Symposium in Boston

On June 20, 2024, the Ono Pharma Foundation Symposium took center stage in Boston, drawing approximately 110 passionate participants from various sectors of the scientific community. This year’s symposium was a vibrant tapestry of innovation, collaboration, and insightful discourse, reflecting the Foundation’s unwavering dedication to fostering cutting-edge research in chemical biology.

The symposium not only celebrated the awardees’ research but also honored their commitment to high-risk, high-reward endeavors through creative ideas. The 22 meticulously curated poster presentations provided an invaluable platform for detailed feedback, idea exchange, and potential collaborations, further enriching the symposium experience and setting the tone for a day filled with intellectual stimulation.

The Ono Pharma Foundation extends its deepest appreciation to all speakers, poster presenters, and participants, as well as the members of the Scientific Advisory Board, whose contributions and engagement were pivotal to the symposium’s success. Their commitment and enthusiasm are driving forces behind continued progress and innovation in chemical biology.

Looking ahead, the Ono Pharma Foundation remains committed to supporting groundbreaking research and nurturing a vibrant scientific community. We eagerly anticipate the new discoveries and collaborations that will emerge from the connections made during the 2024 symposium.

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